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Floor climbing Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom

Concrete Placing Boom

● Products :Floor climbing Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom

● Type :Concrete Placing Boom

● Brand :HAMAC

● Origin :China

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Product Introduction
Concrete placing boom is a new product developed for enlarging the range of concrete pouring and improving the mechanization level of pumping construction. Being corollary equipment of concrete pump, it increases the range of concrete pumping by connecting with concrete pump; also, in effectively solving the hard problem of material distribution in wall pouring, it plays an important role in increasing construction efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

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Benefits & Features
1. Horizontal placing radius 28-32 meters (exclude 3m hose), full hydraulic drive;
2. The concrete placing boom can be anchored to the floor with initially prepared holes when working, and it can be lifted by its climbing system. One lifting can meet the need for two floors concrete placement; If the floor area is too large, several tower bodies can be installed and move the boom assembly onto relevant tower body to meet the needs of certain area concrete placement and save cost;
3. Compact structure, easy operation, reliable safety, economical and practical, it can be installed on either floor or elevator shaft.

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More Info
Model HGY24 HGY28 HGY32
Delivery pipe dimension
(outside diameter×thickness) (mm)
φ133×4.5 φ133×4.5 φ133×4.5
Delivery hose dimension
(inside diameter×length) (mm)
φ125×3000 φ125×3000 φ125×3000
Radius of placing boom(m) 24 27.7 31.7
Stationary height(to the join between the end of the boom and swivel table(m) 22.7 22.7 22.7
Three hydraulic
foldable arms
1st section 10.5m 10.5m 14.5
2nd section 9.2m 9.2m 9.2m
3rd section 8.0m 8.0m 8.0m
Boom articulation 1st section -4.2°~+82.5° -4.2°~+82.5° 0-82.5°
2nd section O°~180° O°~180° O°~180°
3rd section O°~180° O°~180° O°~180°
Slewing range(°) 360 360  
Power of motor(kw) 11 11 15
Pressure of hydraulic system (MPa) 26 30 30
Type of hydraulic oil AW68 AW68 L-HM 68
  Climbing 3.0
The min.Interval of climbing Placing concrete 6.0
Frame (m) Resting
 Mode of operation 1. cable remote control
2. radio remote control
power 380V/50Hz
wind speed Placing concrete ≤60 km/h
Climbing ≤28 km/h
working temperature O~60℃
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