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QT4-15B Block Making Plant

Concrete Block Making Plant

● Products :QT4-15B Block Making Plant

● Type :Concrete Block Making Plant

● Brand :HAMAC

● Origin :China

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Product Introduction
Till now, our automatic block making machine is available with QT4-15B series, QT4-15C series, QT6-15 series, QT6-15B series, QT8-15 series, and QT10-15 series. It has been certified by CE, SGS, TUV, and the like. Our machine has been approved by Bureau Veritas, TUV CERT.
Benefits & Features
1. Mainframe
The automatic block making machine applies the high-strength structural steel and special welding technique for its mainframe. The firmness of the mainframe allows the whole machine to come with good rigidity and vibration resistance.
2. Guide Pillar
The guide pillar of this machine applies the ultrastrong special steel. By virtue of the chromate plated treatment, it perfectly resists torsion and abrasion. Additionally, the four guide pillars together with the ultra-long guide bearing make the pressure head and mould move accurately. This moving system adopts the special device that is good for lubrication, thus avoiding abrasion.
3. Material System
The crane of the material machine is controlled by the hydraulic system. That its hopper is connected to the crane by the rubber spring, can offer favourable damping effect while preventing the vibration compaction of the remained materials. In the system, the hopper is equipped with a door which can help realize the uniform material distribution.
4. Material Distributing System
In this system, the material storage and distribution are independent from each other. The material receiving in the material box is accurately controlled. Under the function of the powerful centrifugal force, the material is speedily and evenly distributed.

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More Info

1. QT4-15B Automatic block forming machine Main technical parameters:

forming machine theoretical data
Dimension of host machine 2.44x2x2.6 m Mixer style JS500 / JD500
main vibrator style lower mould vibration Number of hydraulic vibrator 0
control style PLC forming style hydraulic
Number of motor vibrator 4 hydraulic cylinders 1
Hopper capacity of concrete 0.6 M3 feeding style 360degree revole
Moulding area 800x400 mm forming height 40-250mm
Moulding period 15-20 S vibration force 42 kn
forming blocks per mould 400x200x200mm 4 The size of the pallet 1010x550 mm
Weight of the host machine 15T    
Water and Voltage
Genetal water Consumption 5.5T Voltage 380 V
Power 27 kw . .

Simple line Uesd Area

A.Production area excluding concrete mixing zone M2 400
B. Concrete mixing zone area M2 100
C.Finished product Warehouse M2 600
E.Raw material storage M2 500 M2 100
G.Total area M2 1700
pratical workers arrangement
control/operation 1 wheel loader 1
forlift 2 repaire/maintain 1
sum 5    

2. QT4-15B Automatic block forming machine Production capacity:

Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould Pcs/ Hr Pcs/ 8 Hr m3/year
400X100X200 8 1200-1920 9600-15360 27648-36864
400X150X200 6 900-1440 7200-11520 31104-41472
400X200X200 4 600-960 4800-7680 27648-36864
400X250X200 3 450-720 3600-5760 25920-34560
200X100X60 16 1920 15360 -
200X163X60 8 1200 9600 -
Can make all kind of hollow and solid and paver block

3. How does Automatic Block Making Machine work?

1. Screw Conveyer (Optional fitment): loading bins of the instrument for transporting Fly Ash from the silos(optional fitting) or cement hopper (optional fitting) to the Batching Plant.

2. Batching Plant: It consists of three loading bins and one weighing bin. It also contains blet conveyers to convey materials from loading bins to weighing bin. Batching and weighing is done by PLC control. We can load three different types of material into the loading bin.

3. Conveyer Belt: When the Batching plant's weighing bin trips according to the PLC control, the material comes to this conveyer belt. Then conveyer belt carried materials to the Mixture Machine. 

4. Concrete Mixture Machine: All the ingredients are mixed in this mixture machine. Mixing time and speed is controlled by PLC. The inbuilt water pump adds water to the mixer automatically, as per requirement. 

5. Block mold machine: This is key of the production line. It can press the mixed material. So it can make various hollow block, solid brick, paver brick and kerbstone.

6. Stacker: Stacker is used to lay the block automatically, which is high-efficient and labor saving.

4. Block and Brick Models:

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