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Mini Concrete Agitator 40T/h for low consumption

Mini Concrete Agitator 40T/h for low consumption


Looking to save money on your Concrete Agitator? Look no further than our mini Concrete Agitator! Our 40T/h mini Concrete Agitator is perfect for small businesses and residential homes that need a low-cost solution for mixing Concrete.



The mini Concrete Agitator is designed for low consumption. It has a capacity of 1,500 liters per hour and can produce Concrete in a variety of colors.

2. Features

The features of the mini Concrete Agitator include a high-capacity mixer, a bypass pump, and a mobile arm. This allows it to mix various types of materials quickly and efficiently.

3. Specifications

The mini Concrete Agitator has a capacity of 1,500 liters per hour and can produce Concrete in a variety of colors. It is also equipped with a high-capacity mixer, a bypass pump, and a mobile arm, which makes it easy to mix various types of materials quickly and efficiently.

Working principle

One of the main advantages of using mini Concrete Agitator is that it consumes very low amount of energy. It works on the principle of continuous flow which helps to achieve high production rate with less expenditure. Additionally, mini Concrete Agitator is also capable of working at high temperatures. This makes it ideal for use in hot areas like construction sites.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the main reasons that mini Concrete Agitators are popular is because they offer some significant advantages and disadvantages over traditional Concrete plants.

The main advantage of mini Concrete plants is that they require much less energy to operate. This means that they are able to produce Concrete at a much lower cost than traditional Concrete plants. They also produce less pollution, which makes them ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

However, mini Concrete Agitators have several disadvantages. First, they are often smaller than traditional Concrete plants, so they can't handle as much Concrete mixture. Second, they are often more expensive to buy and operate than traditional Concrete plants.

Price and Payment Terms

1. The price of mini Concrete Agitator is highly competitive. You can get the plant with a payment term ranging from three months to six months.
2. You can also choose to pay in installments. The plant can be delivered to your doorstep within a few days after the payment is received.
3. You can also avail the plant on sale and get discounts on the purchase amount.
4. Finally, you can choose to receive warranty services for the plant in case of any issues related to its functioning during the warranty period.

Installation and commissioning

1. Installation and commissioning:
The mini Concrete Agitator is mainly composed of the following parts:
1) The Concrete Agitator, which is a highly efficient and reliable equipment that can mix various types of Concrete together according to the required quality.
2) The Concrete distributor, which distributes the mixed Concrete evenly to all the necessary areas.
3) The control system, which ensures that all the equipment works in perfect synchronization.


The mini Concrete Agitator is perfect for businesses who need to produce a low amount of Concrete per hour. This type of plant is great for businesses that have smaller production areas, as it offers the flexibility to change the batch size and mix ratios to suit your needs.

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